Bridgeport Financial

Bridgeport Financial is based in San Francisco and provides debt collection services to the creditors. Bridgeport goes after the consumers who have unpaid debts and need help to pay them off. Bridgeport sets its own collection and recovery terms with consumers and purchases all their debts from their creditors for specified profit margins on recovery from the consumers. Bridgeport Financial has rights to use any harassing technique like phone calls, letters and legal proceedings to recover their money. Bridgeport Financial also has authorities to report your bad payments to credit bureaus. So it is big threat for consumers who don’t pay their bills on time.

How to Remove Bridgeport Financial

But consumer protection laws are in place to protect consumers’ credit reports from being abused by Bridgeport Financial. Fair Credit Reporting Act defines your rights for disputing collection and charge off items on your credit report. You can either do it yourself or hire a credit repair company to do it on your behalf. The only thing you should make sure before a hiring a credit repair company is that the company is legit and has a good BBB rating. And it is all about being wise in your financial matters.

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Bridgeport Financial Headquarters

221 Main Street

Suite 920

San Francisco, CA 94105

TEL: 415.986.7879

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