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Capital Management Services Inc. is collection agency has multiple offices. Capital Management Services is collaborated with many other collection agencies and help them to find consumers who have unpaid debts in the areas they serve. Capital Management has a good repute in the market. Capital Management Services itself purchases delinquent accounts from the original creditors and recover the money from the consumers. Capital Management is authorized to use any legal technique to recover their money from the consumers. Capital Management uses aggressive methods like harassing phone call, letters and legal proceedings. Capital Management has all rights to report any bad payment behavior to the credit bureaus which can prevent creditors from approving you for a new credit account.

There are many consumers protection laws those protect consumers from being abused by the collection agencies. You can dispute any bad item on your credit report under the act of fair credit reporting. You can do it yourself or can even hire credit repair companies to do for you for a reasonable monthly fee. It is all about how you use your rights and how good you are in managing your personal matters.

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Capital Management Services, Inc.

726 Exchange Street

Buffalo, NY 14210

TEL: 800.457.8220

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