Grant and Weber

Grant and Weber is one of the leading collection agencies of United States has been providing collection services for many year. Grant and Weber is expert in collecting delinquent account from the creditors and recover the debts from consumers whereby their goal is to recover more than they paid for debt. Grant and Weber is expert in using aggressive recovering techniques effectively including direct harassing phone calls, threatening letters, legal proceedings and sometimes by threatening consumer to place negative items on credit report.

If you have been contacted by Grant and Weber you probably will find derogatory information on your credit report such as charge offs, unpaid charge offs and collection which can keep creditors from giving you more credits or loans. There are many solutions to fix negative items on your credit report. The best way to get removed is to hire a credit repair company to eliminate those accounts from your credit report. Federal laws such as FCRA and FDCPA protect consumers’ credit reports from being abused by collection companies.

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Grant and Weber

26575 W. Agoura Rd.

Calabasas, CA 91302

TEL: 818.878.7700

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